*** TOAD web page moving today!

Thanks to all of you who have sent kudos for the new
features in TOAD and especially for your notes of
encouragement for the new freeware release.
Unfortunately, my ISP limits bandwidth and we've
already blown away my monthly quota in just a few
days.   TOAD is being downloaded at an ever increasing
rate and is currently at about 50 downloads per day;
sometimes much more.   The rate  has been growing
since October and shows no signs of leveling off.
At this rate, my current ISP has no plan that will work
for us.   Also a bummer, my isp (Mindspring) is incapable
of switching me to a higher plan in mid-month (or refuses
to take the time to do so) so the old TOAD page is
going to die any day now.
So, I've switched ISPs to one that has no bandwidth
limitations.  I should also have a domain name in a few
days which will make the url:    www.toadsoft.com
In the meantime, you can use the ip address of:
Please inform anyone that is interested!  Again, thanks!