terminate OLE server without message

Hi you!

I've created an oleautomation server and client. Everything's alright.
But if my client is killed through the taskbar by the user the server
doesn't react and so I built a mechanism to terminate it. A timer who is
looking for the handle of the client - if this handle doesn't exists
anymore I want the server to shutdown automatically and to free all

I've tried Application.Terminate which works but shows the

There are still active com objects in this application.One ro more
clients may have references to these objects, so
manually closing this application may cause those client application(s)
to fail.

Is there a way to stop the server straight away without the message
begin displayed. I tried halt - it worked but the problem is, I think,
that this will not free the ressources and so it isn't useful for my

How are you solving this problem?

Thanx for your help,

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