Apartment model Inproc server on dual proc systems

Re: How to Create Apartment Model OLE Automation Servers?

Can Delphi 3.0 create an inproc apartment model server that does not give
access violations on a dual proc system or do I need to dump Borland and go
with a real ActiveX development environment? Even VB 5.0 can create real
apartment model components! Where is Borland on this issue?

Here's what I've tried:

a) Build simple automation server with one property and one method.
b) Found uthrauto.pas & added it to my project. Does the order this is used
matter? (the server gives access violations with or without using this unit)
c) Changed TAutoObjectFactory.Create to TNxThreadAutoObjectFactory.Create in
the unit's initialization.
d) Added a key under \InProcServer32\ThreadingModel for Apartment model
e) Initialized multiple instances of the object on a dual pentium processor and
it give access violations.