DBGrid Scrollbar problems in XP

Hi All,

I am experiencing problems with DBGrid Scrollbars in Windows XP and I am
wondering if anyone can suggest a solution. The scenario is thus..

I have two tables in a master-detail relationship each displayed in a
DBGrid. As expected as I can move up and down the master table grid and the
detail table grid shows the related records.
However in certain circumstances the vertical scrollbar to the detail table
grid vanishes while there are hundreds of records displayed. The most common
case for this happening is when you have moved from a master record with no
detail records (and rightly so, no scrollbar) to one with many detail
records where a scrollbar should be shown, but is not. What is more this
only seems to happen on alternate occasions.

This problems only seems to happen in Window XP while in Windows 'XP Theme'
and NOT in Windows XP, 'Classic Theme' or Win 98.

Any Thoughts?

Thanks in advance