Service fails when table is open on user log out

I have just created a new service that uses the BDE to open a Dbase
table which has an expression index.  Everything works fine, until the
current user logs out.  This causes the service to crash.

Originally this was part of a much bigger service, but I have narrowed
the problem down to the table.

If I do not open the table, or if the table does not have an
expression index then the service will work OK.  Other index types are
fine but Paradox also fails.

I have found two posts in the past which seem to detail the same
problem however they had no follow up posts.

Is this a known bug in the BDE, and is there a workaround?

I am using Builder 3 with BDE 5.1.1, but this has also failed on B4
and B5.

Graham Hansford
Data Track Technology