2nd try: Intermittent "Invalid pointer operation" on loading of BPL

Hi folks!

Our BCB 5 app loads several BPLs at startup. We've delivered the
application to 5 customers. 2 of them have problems when starting the
application. The operating systems are NT4SP5 and Win2k.

At both sites, about half of the users get the error message "Invalid
pointer operation" at application startup while the app is loading its
BPLs. The occurrence of the error depends on the way the app is called.

For some users, double-clicking in Explorer works, for others it doesn't.
Calling the app from cmd.exe instead usually works in these cases.

At some sites, the application is deployed to the users using Novell's
Zenworks. For some users, double-clicking in Zen's application launcher
window works, while others have to use the Zen-based desktop icon.

While trying to investigate the error, one user was given administrative
privileges on his NT4 box. Afterwards the error was gone.

Starting the prog as different OS users on the same machine gives different

A simple programming error? Our developers claim it isn't. A system
privilege-related problem?

Any hints would be appreciated.