Xphiles (Xbase for Delphi) is shipping

                   Interface Technologies Ships Xphiles
          Desktop and Developer versions of Xphiles now available

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 14, 1996

       John F. Kaster
       Interface Technologies
       612 North Guadalupe Ave #2
       Redondo Beach, CA 90277-2976 USA
       888.PRG.TOOLs (774.8665) Sales
       310.937.2426 International  310.937.2346 Fax/BBS

Redondo Beach, California  Interface Technologies is very pleased to
announce that the Desktop and Developer versions of Xphiles, an Xbase
feature and compatibility library for Borland Delphi, the premiere
Windows application development product, are now shipping.

Xphiles is distinguished by its hundreds of Xbase compatibility
routines. All major functions from CA-Clipper, dBASE,and FoxPro are
included in the run-time library.  Xphiles also provides seamless
support for the Xbase work-area concept with both the Borland Database
Engine and Apollo from Successware.  The Developer version of Xphiles
includes all Delphi source code for the product.

Initial response to the product has been very favorable, according to
John Kaster, architect of Xphiles. "Delphi developers who don't even
have an Xbase background said they find the Xphiles routines to be
extremely valuable when developing Delphi applications.  According to
Beta testers with an Xbase background, the manual conversion and
compatibility guide alone is indispensable.  Of course, having the
functions that make Xbase so powerful and popular available in Delphi
doesn't hurt, either," said Mr. Kaster.

Utilities to convert among Xbase data file formats, and to export CA-
Clipper data entry screens to Delphi forms are provided, complete with
CA- Clipper source code.  An Xbase-enabled data table component
encapsulates all the Xbase work-area functions, and works
automatically with either Apollo- or BDE-format data tables just by
specifying the table type. Functions like RecNo(), dbGoTo(),
dbCreate(), and dbSetRelation() are all supported.

Loren Scott, Product Manager of Apollo, also thinks Xphiles will be
well received, stating "I think this is the most useful product to
come out for Xbase developers moving to Delphi since Apollo itself.
Xphiles is a very complete product.  I use many of its functions even
when I'm not writing database applications."

Xphiles supports 16 and 32-bit Delphi. For developers interested in
finding out more, the complete help file for Xphiles is available for
dowload from the DELPHI forum on Compuserve as the file XPHELP10.ZIP,
and also from the Internet at http:/www.earthlink.net/~jfk.

Xphiles Desktop is priced at US $99.00.  Xphiles Developer is priced
at US $179.00.  The Xphiles Code Converter, which converts Xbase
source code to Delphi source code, will be released later at an
upgrade price of US $149.00.  Registered users will be notified of its
availability, and beta testers will still receive a free copy.

Interface Technologies is a privately held Redondo Beach, California
company that has been producing tools for software development since
1986. Their products include the award-winning TechWriter and
Grumpfish Menu, and Grok, the CA-Clipper lint checker.  John F. Kaster
is co-author of the critically acclaimed book Delphi Database
Development, published by M&T.

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