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ShowWindow and FindWindow


I'm using Win2K: I have a window and it's caption as reported by Spy++
(from VisulaStudio :) ) is called 'AClient'.

So to hide it, i do:

h: hwnd;

h:=findwindow('AClient', nil);
showwindow(h, x);

where x = 0 or 1.

however, the value of h =0 !! Is this an NT thing? How do get a handle
to the window with AClient as it's caption? I need to do this in API.

Many thanks,

Gurpal S. Bhachu
ISE UG3 Dept. of Computing/EE, Imperial College, London


Re:ShowWindow and FindWindow

In article <Pine.LNX.4.10.10003220341470.15041->, says...

> h: hwnd;

> h:=findwindow('AClient', nil);

Try this instead :
  h := FindWindow(nil, 'AClient');

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