front end for Excell SS


I am having yet another try at moving from PASCAL to Delphi!

The current project involves putting buttons on an Excel SS and
controlling fields via these buttons, timers etc.

I have managed to "create" the demo dB front ends via the help files or
the various WEB page tutorials but I have failed to produce anything
from my own access database tables or Excel spreadsheets

As soon as I enter the property values in the various components (data
source / dataset etc) I am asked for a user_name and password.

I have looked at several FAQs and found many mentions of similar
problems but none that has helped understand the problem.

I have found help here before now, and I am confident that someone will
use sufficiently simple terms to help me!

Best wishes


  I lecture in Pascal to FE level so I understand a fair amount of that!    
Jim Barr

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