D3 Help: Creating own HTML Extensions for the HTML Component w/D3

Any help would be appreciated, TIA!

Task: Tagging text in a way signifigant to linguists.

Initial Idea for Implementation: Write extensions to HTML (eg: <AMB> for
ambiguous parts of speech
        and <UNK> for items not present within the lexicon...)

        Then use the Delphi 3 HTML reader component (on Internet tab of the
Component palette), and write
        handlers for the new tags.  The general hope was to provide the new
tags, and allow use of HTML for
        formatting too, rather than have to start from the ground up by writing
my own parser and using a
        Rich Edit component.

Problem: I cannot figure out how to get the component to recognize
non-standard html tags.  Just using
        '<' + new_tag + '>' or '</' + new_tag + '>' within the input file does
not work.  I am sure that the   proper event handler for the new code
would be in the 'OnDoNewElement' event.  But how can I make it
recognize new elements (without having to parse the Text parameter of
the OnDoNewElement event?)

        The help file mentions an HTMLAttrs collection which sounds like it is
a list of valid tags.  But,     the help never explicitly mentions this.
Also, how would I add to it?  I am not too clear on just
        what a collection var is, aside from what the name implies.

        What I need are two answers: How to add extensions to the HTML
components list of valid tags, and how  to set the on screen attributes
these tags denote.

I sure hope that this is possible, otherwise that would mean that the
HTML component will go stale with the next HTML revision, making it a
pretty lame component in general.

Can anyone help with this, or point to help?