TIP : application from D1->D2->D1


I want to share you some usefull tip on developping an application
simultanious in D1 and D2. (Using the compiler directive {$IfDef Ver90})

I'am working on a project right now, mostly in D1, that I was trying out
in D2. The conversion to D2 was quit smooth.

But ones I opened the project in D2 and then again in D1, some strange
things happen. (Same directory, no copy made of the files)

The first time I open the project in D1 i got a 'Duplicate
resource'-error but with no name and type. For the rest, everything is
normal. But during compilation, namely when the size and load time is
optimised, Delphi hangs. Compilation is possible when I turn off the
optimization in D1.

After finding some strange resources with Workshop (BP7.0) in the
D1-version of the program, I tried to delete the .RES file of the
project. RESULT : a new one is created and every thing is fine again,
including the optimisation in D1.

Hope this saves some people the same frustration I had.