RemoteDataModule, and TWebConnector (MIDAS)


    I do not the correct forum, thats why im posting in this 3. Excuses in

    This might be easy to solve, but ive been looking for the solution and
I havent find it.

    Im working with UniVerse DataBase (Informix).
    I Have a Remote Data Module wich I use to acess the Universe DB. This
module is for connections, read/write simple records.

    This is implemented in a NT, and works fine (almost).

    For the client , Im using an ActiveForm with a TWebComponent that
access my Remote Data
Module via a web server.

The Web Server  has on a virtual path httpsrv.dll (redistributed with
Delphi) to fucntion as
a Proxy for the TWebConnector.

As far As I know form docs, the WebConnector uses HTTP (great for me, behing
proxy and firewall), to get to the web server, then httpsvr.dll traslates
the calls into COM calls, and back.

In the docs also, is described that when the connection from the client is
off  (TWebConnector.Connected = false), the dll at the server should unload
from memory, or in my case, back to the pool (im using
RegisterPooled(ClassID, 16, 30)) until timeout, then out of memory.

   The problem is, that even though hours pass by without action, the dll is
still in memory. If I try to overwrite the dll with a newer version, it says
that is un use, and I have to rebbot the machine (uh, I hate this). The
connection with the DB works fine and opens and closes fine.

 Is my Remote Data Module not doing somethig ?? , am I missing some function
call to stop it??

 I need to use RegisterPooled because eventually ill be getting lots of

Thanks in advance.