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Dll's and MDIChild forms???

   I'm having a problem with dll's and the application variable.  I want
to show an MDI Child form contained within a dll on a parent MDI form in
an EXE.  The only way to do this (that I've found) is to send the EXE's
application variable into the dll and reset the dll's application
variable to the EXE's application variable.  This works fine, the
MDIChild shows up where it's supposed to, but closing dialog boxes and
the MDIChild form becomes problematic.  The application I'm working on
contains a button which fires the Windows calculator program (calc.exe)
from the parent MDI form in the EXE.  The calculator can open and work,
but closing it or minimizing it generated a "Hard Mode" error.  Closing
the MDI child form also generates some errors.
    Basically, I need a way to show an MDIChild form contained in a dll
in an EXE.  This way kind of works, but there seems to be some major
problems with this method.  Is this the only way to do this, or is there
a better way?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide,
Charles Borromeo  <>


Re:Dll's and MDIChild forms???

With regards to the message posted 6/8/98 at 8:35 am EST.
I forgot to mention that this question is for Delphi 1.

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