need help - problem installing package / loss of packages

On Thu, 02 Jul 1998 08:51:18 GMT, (Jan) wrote:
>Sometimes when installing a package, 1 or 2 other packages seem
>to be vanished from the list / search path.

>This morning it happened when I installed Apollo 4.

>Rx Lib and Infopower package "could not be loaded" when starting
>Delphi 3.

>When re-installing the Rx and Infopower package Delphi says:

>  "Can't load package xxx
>   A device attached to the system is not functioning"

>I uninstalled Apollo 4, but still keep getting this message.
>Other packages/components work fine, except those 2.

>This is driving me nuts. :((

>Does anyone experienced this or can give some clues to solve this?

The library path can only be a certain length. Perhaps you inserted
the path to Apollo 4 ahead of the paths associated with the other two
packages, and Delphi ignored the rest. If so, removing Apollo without
truncating the library path wouldn't accomplish a thing.

However, that's merely a guess as to the cause of your troubles.

The only time I've seen that message was when I lost a DLL used by a
component suite. Replacing the DLL solved the problem that time.