Anounce: Query Maker for Delphi SHIPS!

Good News!  After much delay, Query Maker for Delphi has
finished its beta testing cycle and is now shipping for
all versions of Delphi (Delphi 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0).

Twenty four man-months of development time has yielded
30,000 lines of Delphi Object Pascal source code that
compile into what might be the easiest query builder ever
devised.  Based on the feedback already received, we might
have called it "Queries for Dummies".

Query Maker for Delphi is written in 100% Delphi and is
packaged as a component that quickly installs into Delphi's
component palette.

To help you get up and running quickly, Query Maker includes
a Data Dictionary Wizard application. This stand alone
program guides you through the tasks of defining the tables,
fields and table-to-table joins of the database to be queried.  
It lets you specify which types of users can access which
specific database fields. You can also store plain English
field descriptions to be shown to your users instead of the
actual field names.  Additionally, the Wizard lets you specify
editing masks, hints, data entry validation logic and calls to
lookup code tables to ensure that your users input the correct
comparison values.

Query Maker is written in 100% Delphi.  No .DLL files or run time
files are required other than the Borland Database Engine or any
third party database engine that can interpret standard SQL code.

To help you customize Query Maker's look and feel to better fit
your applications, Query Maker comes with full source code,
including all .PAS units and .DFM forms.  The code is extensively
and richly commented to make it easier to modify.

The data sets produced by Query Maker can be browsed in Query
Maker's results form or in your application's own data aware
controls.  The Query Maker results form also displays memo field
contents and has controls to let your user search forwards or
backwards through the output.  The SQL cursor (Delphi DataSet
property) produced by Query Maker can be output with any report
writer that works with Delphi.

While there is no demo available, you can view Query Maker's
screen images at our web site of  To learn
more, send me e-mail at or call
me at 415-820-2355.

Thank you again for your patience during its long development
cycle.  Once you try it, you will see what took so long.  You
will be glad you waited.

      Grant David Powers, Ph.D.
        Developer of Query Maker for Delphi
          S t r a t e g i c   E d g e
            2062 Union Street, Suite 300
              San Francisco, California, 94123 USA