Mouse triple click

Hi all,
I am tired, my be to old (15 year pascal programmer) to read all these
home works.
I like to help someone, no matter how simple question is, but this
becomes group for homework's.
May be that I am in wrong user group ? Anyway I am new one here.
I suggest that all homeworks and simmilar stuff be posted under one

If there is someone who graduated in anything:
I have a question to someone experienced enough in BASM.

a) Have you ever made (rewritten / improved) mouse routines from RTL
b) Have you ever made (rewritten / improved) editors unit from RTL BP7?

I have made my own text editor 5-6 years ago , based on TV editors unit,

with configurable syntax for any programming language and a lot of
useful stuff for programmers because I could not find any editor simple
enough and powerful enough as TEXTEDIT from SUN - MICROSYSTEMS unix
workstations (SUN-3, SPARC) I used to worked with on my job.
I use it even when editing in BP IDE through tools menu.

I am going to put it in PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Before I do that I want to resolve two problems:

1) How to detect triple mouse click ?
2) How to search up and down through bigger memory blocks in protected

You, who understand what I am talking about, can easily find those
routines, and if you know how to do it and want to contribute to
programmers and student community, send me an e-mail.
I will integrate your functions in my editor and give you a credit and
source code of it.
Don't send me any source code or exe, just give me idea to distinguish
between new bee and guru.
I will then send you exactly what I need and give you a real homework to

"No one is smart enough to remember everything hi knows" - ZIG ZAGLAR.

Apology to all students, I did not wanted to insult anyone, I was a
student too, but I did my homework myself.
Milic Tomislav