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Does Delphi C/S support SQLserver 6.0?

Yep Cheong Kui ( wrote:
: Hi,

: Can anyone tell me if SQL Links 2.5 from Delphi client server version
: support database connectivity to SQL server 6.0 from microsoft?
: Can someone share some insight? I need an urgent answer. Thanks.

There is no reason why it should not - SQL Server 6.0 is backward
compatable with 4.2, so it will just be that it doesn't support
all the nifty new features. SQL Server isn't such a great choice
tho - it only runs on one platform (NT) and Sybase (which it is
most like) are diverging from SQl Server 6.0 rapidly...

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Re:Does Delphi C/S support SQLserver 6.0?

SQL links doesn't support the new functionality, but the new odbc drivers
seem pretty effective for the modest applications I've been doing with it
so far. Also, the new VB Remote Access Objects use odbc rather than the
libraries and they are supposed to be pretty hot at getting at sql server.

>> SQL isn't such a great choice tho'

hmm - a bit subjective that. Did he say he needed portability to Unix or
nlm? I don't.


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