New Pascal Computer Game!!!

Hello..  A new computer arcade game, which was written in Borland Pascal
7.0, has just been released for DOS, Windows, and Windows 95.  Please
check out River Run...  You'll journey through 4 vast regions of a vast
and nearly boundless river system by annihilating choppers, fighter
jets, gunboats, carriers, blazing fires, and more, while desperately
seeking oil spills for fuel.

In a time where it seems like sleek multimedia titles are poping up
daily, fun games seem to be becoming a rare treat.  River Run, I hope
you will agree, retains the classic fun playability of old arcade games,

while also featuring the bells and whistles of today's games.  It
features 16-channel digital surround sound, great music without a
wavetable card derived from a CD quality score, smooth 30+ fps gameplay,

simultaneous 2-player mode, an optional module adding a coach complete
with 5 diferent speech accents and the ability to create your own, an
almost instantaneous easy setup, and all this with unusually low system

requirements that allows it to run smoothly on a 486/33+.

But enough hype, please give it a try for yourself...  Check out our
website at  You can download the
shareware version, which is identical to the commercial version except
that it only contains about 1/3 of the rounds.  Our web site also

features screen shots, music samples, and more.  

Thanks for your time, have a good one...

Steve Barber

Run Productions