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Ancestor Component not found

I have a frame called TCGridFr. On this I have a grid and a
popup menu. I have a frame called TQGridFr which inherits TCGridFr.

I have a frame called LT_Fr. This one contains an instance of
TQGridFr. In this frame I have added some items to the popup
menu. So far so good.

Then I choose new -> LT_Fr to inherit the frame into a frame
called LT_Fr2. However, when I try to load the pas/dfm file
to show it designtime I get a strange error saying "Ancestor
Component not found". It is the new popup items that were
introduced in LT_Fr that I'm asked to do "remove the reference"
or tell me what it was renamed into. If I close the window I
can't display the form.

I'm clueless, what should I do?

// David


Re:Ancestor Component not found

Forgot to say, I'm using D5 Enterprise.

// David

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