DE problem with connection on SQL Server 7.0 without connect to the NT Lan

        Hi all,

                I had a SQL Server 6.5 and BDE 4.0 and application wrote in
Delphi 4.0 that runs remotely without the necessity of the user of the
application to have a login on the NT Lan. When I chaged to SQL Server 7.0
and experimented a problem with this. I migrated too Delphi 5 and BDE 5.11
but the problem persists. To  resolve the problem I use server 7.0 but
client 6.5. But now i am having to use a function to fix a lock timeout
that doesnt exists on 6.5, so i will need to use client 7.0, but the i
have the problem with BDE.

                Id like to KNOW if Borland will go to distribute another
version of BDE to resolve this BIG PROBLEM for me, or if I there is another
solution to set this time out of the lock tries.

                Thanks for all,

                        Sandra Lino