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Changing the block size for Paradox Tables


I have a user whose largest table size is aproaching 21 MB for the .DB
file and I am concerned about them getting a table full error. I wrote a
routine to use TBatchMove to copy tables to a new directory using
batCopy, but the copy appears to use the block size of the original
table, not the setting in the BDE configuration of 8192 bytes. One of
the test files had one record and a size of 4096 bytes (2048 header,
2048 1st data block) and did not copy to a larger size file. I then
tried creating the tables first and adding records using batAppend with
the same result. What do I need to do to get the new block size to take
effect? Is the header always 2048 bytes? What size should a single
record table be with a block size of 8192 bytes (10K or 16K)? And
finally, is there a way to determine the block size used by an existing

Thanks in advance,



Re:Changing the block size for Paradox Tables

The maximum size of a Paradox table with a 2k block size is 128 megabytes so
you are a long way from having a problem.  There is a program on the Inprise
Web site that demonstrates changing a table's block size.  I believe it is


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