BDE files for D3

Hi !

I have a shareware program that I wrote in D1.
Because it's a little program I didn't need to install all
BDE files, only the important ones, those are listed in Delphi 1's
Deploy.txt(as Bivbx11.dll, Ctl3dv2.dll and so on).
I don't use any alias, the databases are in the exe's directory.
Everything works fine.

Now I rewrote my program in D3 to 32 bits and it's ready to distribute
I checked the Deploy.txt in D3 but it doesn't mention the distributable
files as in D1.
I don't want to use InstallShield because I can't translate the
messages in my language.I only would like to know which files to
include with my exe so as it can handle Paradox files.
I need no alias.

Thank you in advance

Zsolt Csillag
 StarSoft Bt.
 Budapest, Hungary