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Delphi compatability

Hi guys,

Another quick question.  I have done my third year project in Delphi 2
and a database in Access 7.  It won't demonstrate, saying there are
problems accessing the database.  When I load the source code on my
supervisor's machine I get all sorts of compilation errors including
"Can't find class TDatabase" and "Can't find system.dcu".  

What files do I need to move my source code between machines?

I thought I just needed the contents of my project directory but this
does not seem to be the case.

Also, a factor which may be affecting things is as follows:

I am running Delphi 2 under Windows 95.
My supervisor is running it under Windows NT.
We have tried compiling it under both Delphi 2 and 3 to no avail.  Could
NT be responsible?

I would be grateful if anyone could email me direct as I can't always
log on to this newsgroup.

Many thanks,

Nick Lehane


Re:Delphi compatability

All you should have to do is copy the contents of your project
directory to the other machine.  Note that the other machine must also
have all of the components that you use in your project installed on
the Component Palette in the IDE.


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