REPOST[2]: TQuery adds extra carriage return and line feed

I have a TStringList that I add to a TQuery.SQL as follows:
Query1.SQL.Add('UPDATE TABLE1 SET NOTES = '+#39+StringList1.Text+#39+' WHERE
AVALUE = 7695))

When I post this with TQuery.ExecSQL to Oracle, an extra carriage return and
line feed is appended between each line of my TStringList.  If I checkout my
SQL statement before ExecSQL with ShowMessage(Query1.SQL.Text) there is no
extra carriage return or line feed appended.  If I take the exact statement
of the TQuery by saving it to a file with TQuery.SQL.SaveToFile() and
execute the query in Oracle's SQL WorkSheet then no extra cariage return or
line feed is appended.  The appending only happens when I do TQuery.ExecSQL.

If there is no TQuery setting or BDE setting that I have missed, then is
this a bug in TQuery or the BDE.

I am using Delphi4 with Windows98

Thanks for any tips in advance, if you reply via email be sure to remove my
no spam junk from my email address.

Lewis Howell
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