listview won't show Images (but ....)

D3.02, W95 - I add items to a listview (vsIcon) like this:

  Item : TListItem;
  Item := listview1.items.add;
  Item.Caption := 'whatever';
  Item.ImageIndex = 0;

The image does not show, only the caption.  the listview's LargeImages
property is set to an ImageList that is on a DataModule.  Compiles and
runs fine, but no image :(

BUT if I put an ImageList right on the same form as the Listview and
hook the LargeImages to that - everything is fine!

The two imagelists are exactly the same - same images, property settings
- how can this be?  I really prefer to keep the Imagelist (and all other
non-visual components) on the DataModule if possible.