Un little problem with Paradox Tables under NT Workstation 4

Hy !

I'm developping an application under delphi 3 using Paradox Tables.
All my tables are in a directory on a NT Workstation Station in
The Mirages directory is shared with a complete access for 5 persons.

The 5 users are using W95 Station with a M:\ directory that's pointing
to \\RMSD75\Mirages.

\\RMSD75 is the netbios name of my NT Server.

The problem is simple : when one person is using the application (the
MIRAGE.EXE file on his station), it's OK.
When a second personn is using MIRAGES.EXE on a different station,
there's a message :

Exception EDBEngineError in the module MIRAGES.EXE at 00063682
The directory is controled by another file .NET.
Directory M:\

And it's impossible to launch my program.

I've define in the BDE Administrator, in the PARADOX/Pilot in the
configuration the NET DIR with M:\ and my alias MIRAGES is also define
to M:\ on all stations.

Where's the mistake ?
It' really urgent because I'm going to miss the deal with my boss.
Please e-mail back to me...
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