Windows NT 4.0 or Win95 with Delphi 3??

On Sat, 19 Jul 1997 19:58:45 GMT, (ToniTOP) wrote:
>Which one is better platform for delphi 3?

WinNT is definately the way to go.  It is all to easy (especially when
debugging) to have code that causes Win95 to crash or spontaneously
reboot.  This just isn't an issue in NT.

>I'm beginner with Delphi and I'm not planning
>to do any big programs - yet :)

>Let's say that I have computer like:

>Cyrix 200
>1 GB Fast HD
>64 MB memory
>1 MB graphics card

>How much hd space Delphi needs?

My Delphi 3 installation takes just over 100meg.  And then you need
space for your code, which if small will be negligable.