InstallShield Express - Borland Limited Edition & MDAC

In using InstallShield Express -Borland Limited Edition to create an
installation package for a Delphi 6 project that uses ADO, under
Objects/Merge Modules I added MDAC25 and noted that it then automatically
also included DCOM95.

Does the installation know enough not to run DECOM95 if it is trying to
install on a Win 98 or higher computer?

I think I recall from Visual Basic installations involving MDAC that to
install MDAC you first needed to install DCOM95 on a Win 95 computer and
DCOM for Win 98 on a Win 98 computer if they were not already installed--and
that a problem occurred if you tried to install  the wrong DCOM for the
operating system.

And where is DCOM for Win 98?  Is this now not needed on older Win 98
systems.  I believe the newer versions of 98 and certainly Me and XP & 2000
come with it.