Help on date insertions - (Delphi 4 - MSSQL 6.5)

Day everybody ...

Well, my problem is ...

i have to insert a value on this way ...

with tbDocMov do

this routine is a callback over a btOKClick and the table is
open to insertions.

On Post event the BDE returns a message:

Syntax error converting DATETIME from caracter string.

I turn on traceSQL an the BDE pass this to MSSQL and the BDE pass ('Ago 08
20 1998 12:00:000'), the right way ('20/08/1998'). This is configuration, on
BDE ou SQLServer??? This is a BUG? BDE, Delphi or M$ SQL 6.5 Bug???

I use Delphi 3.0 and M$ SQL 6.5 ...

Thanks ...