Emergency database problem!!!

Hi :
I have two serious problems. And I had tried so many times
that I'll be crazy in the future.
The first question is "master-detail":
In delphi 1.02 , I have no problem about setting it.
But now , I use delphi 2.0 and I have suffered from
the setting about master-detail. When I set detail table's
master source and field , then the detail table's record
cann't in the dbgrid. Please tell me how to solve it.
The second is "text "file:
In  the control desktop odbc setup, I define a txt file.
ex: 1233,323,aa,96/09/12   ==> is a a.txt
     define field F1,F2,F3
then when in the delphi , I set a TTable component,
I can see the record . But the problem is when in the
run time , I try to open the table and the error happen.
The error message is [microsoft][odbc txt driver] cann't open a.txt
Please tell me how to do. This is my graduated project , and is very
important and emergency...             Thanks for your solution.