TLB-Import produces 2 _TLB.PAS, one is Ok the other fails

Marko Apfel wrote:

> know my question: why D6 produces 2 files? and is there the
> possibility, that no new ***_TLB.pas will be produced. my project
> includes a package in wich a running ***_TLB.pas for this interface
> is. now i delete the 2 new ***_TLB.pas. but that cant be the way.

I don't know the exact answer. I can only tell some of my observations
Some months ago I tried to install a couple of OCX controls to D6
palette, and the installation creates those _TLB.pas files, as usual.

I could not get those controls installed, but I always got some strange
error messages (don't remember exact what they were). Then I spent half
a day looking inside those _TLB.pas files, and trying to find what
could be wrong in there. I could not find anything.

Then I tried to install the same OCX controls to D3. They installed
just fine, created the needed _TLB.pas files, and all worked

Now I copied those _TLB.pas file from D3 to D6 OCX-directory
C:\DELPHI6\IMPORTS, and voila, they got installed and worked under
D6 too.
I was totally un-interested to spend any more time trying to figure
out, what was the difference between the working and non-working

Also, I have oticed that some of the newer OCX controls do not install
under D3 at all. But they install nicely to D6 palette.

Markku Nevalainen