Help on changing a default printer with D5 on Win2K


  I need help on changing the default printer on Win 2k.  The most popular
way with using the 'win.ini' method does not work under win 2k.  Simply
changing the 'printerindex' does not work correctly.  The problem is that
while the printer actually changes, the settings do not.

Example:  I need to be able to switch printers from a laser printer to a
label printer.  I can use the 'printerindex' property to change from the
laser to the label printer.  The problem is that the paper size is still 8

Someone patched the 'printer.pas' file but that does not work either.

If someone could help or if they have figured out a solution, I would
greatly appreciate the help.

If someone builds or finds a non-visual printer controlling component I
would buy it.

Thank you,