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generator on multiple tables

2006-03-16 05:07:33 PM
Hi All,
I am trying to use a generator on two tables (which are similar but not
identlical, but the data I am trying to link is identical). So far so good,
creating a second trigger seems to do the trick. However, how do I not tell
my linked table delete data once it is deleted in either of the tables?
I.e. I'd like to have a dataset1 (in table 1) with corresponding
detailset1(in table 3) and a dataset2 (in table2) with corresponding
detailset2 (in table3). I now want to ensure that in table 3 all sets are
deleted. I.e. I'd like a 'cascade' from several tables.
Is that possible?
Many thanks for any help

Re:generator on multiple tables

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