MI5 Persecution: Email Cruelty 11/3/96 (11113)

2007-06-23 11:03:08 AM
From: XXXX@XXXXX.COM (David Toube)
Newsgroups: uk.misc,uk.politics,uk.legal,uk.media,soc.culture.british
Subject: Re: Why Censorship Must Not Be Allowed on Uk.*
Date: Mon Mar 11 11:47:13 1996
:XXXX@XXXXX.COM (David Toube) writes:
:>I would also be very pleased if Mike Corley would not mailbomb me
:>via my university account with messages entitled 'This Is What
:>You Get For Censorship', thus closing down the entire college
:>email system.
:>Although it does not personally inconvenience me, it is rather
:>dull for the college.
:When did this happen? BTW you can always use Pegasus Mail to send all
:email from Corley's address back to him and see how he likes it.
This weekend. The result, Mike Corley will be gratified to hear,
was that all users of the college system were prevented from
using email.
I suspect that there is no stopping Mike Corley. If mail is
automatically returned to him, he will return it back to you
tenfold. If he is thrown off his account, as he surely will be,
he will find another one.
I do not care whether Mike Corley has an email account or not. It
is a matter of supreme indifference to me whether his fanciful
account of persecution is aired or not. If he thinks that he has
been persecuted by M15 and Chris Tarrant, then that is a matter
for him. But there is a world of difference between repeatedly
spamming usenet - which is unacceptable - and setting up a Web
Site containing his post, which is entirely acceptable. Then it
will be possible to choose whether or not to partake of his
However although I'd not like to see the censorship of posts
because they demonstrate evidence of mental illness, I suspect
that Mike Corley will inevitably be censored by his ISP following
a number of complaints of usenet abuse and mailbombing.
David Toube
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