[ANN] Rt-Tools2D now available also for D2006

2005-12-16 08:24:28 PM
With Rt-Tools 2D generating a program including Cartesian plots is as easy
as assigning values to an array. You can create a fully working graph
program within a few minutes.
Rt-Tools 2D contains components to create 2D charts with a large range of
options. As unlimited number of secondary axis, series with manifold types
including lines, point symbols, error indicators, arrows, bars, bubbles,
OHLC(western plot), candle stick, linear and non linear regression,
interpolation, differential and integral. The components support auto
updating, auto scaling and auto zooming capabilities. Component and property
editors give access to the various setting options easily. Additional
components as legends, color and style selectors labels and editors with
enhanced formatting capabilities, movable markers complete the product.
Unique to the setting components is the "PropertyLinks" feature. You can set
a link to another components property which is automatically updated. Thus
you can create applications without writing a line of code.
Rt-Tools 2D for Borland Delphi 4..2006 and C++ Builder 4..6
You can download a fully-featured evaluation version from the
Regards Horst