Re: Borland Claims ZDNet Plagued With Shoddy Reporters

2005-06-30 07:35:44 PM
HEADLINE: Borland Claims ZDNet Is Plagued With Shoddy Reporters
STORY: In an official Borland internet article, John Kaster (Borland)
ruthlessly attacked ZDNet reporters, accusing them of "hoping to work for a
tabloid." Adding to the tension, Danny Thorpe, Borland's Chief Architect,
commented in his official blog, " feel free to grab them by the throat (or
other anatomy), slam them into the wall, and challenge them " Borland's CEO
suspiciously declined to disagree. Rudy Velthius, Doctor of Team Borland
Forum Management, finalized his message with, "I'm not going to have some
reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president." Seeming to
concede defeat, ZDNet rewrote the article, which now contains, " I didn't
know we weren't doing well there," he said. "I'll address that with the team
vigorously." However, a direct quote at the end of the revised ZDNet
article: "Give up the fight? No, never."
"John Kaster (Borland)" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes

They probably realized their copy editor is hoping to work for a tabloid