Problem creating an ASP object

2004-03-05 12:25:33 AM
I need to create an ASP object to access databases. I have a class that
does this work pretty well. So I decided to build a wrapper to use it
on ASP pages.
I made the class library, the Active Server Object, with its methods
and properties, compiles well, register... and not works :(
this is the class
TEntitatSimple = class(TASPObject, IEntitatSimple)
ec: TEntitatCom;
procedure OnEndPage; safecall;
procedure OnStartPage(const AScriptingContext:IUnknown); safecall;
procedure HelloWorld; safecall;
procedure Carregar(const strTaula, strConnexio: WideString);
When I create the ec in the OnStartPage, simply it raises
'catastrophic error 8000ffff'. I removed the ec declaration and
creation and all works... I can call the HelloWorld method from the
asp test page.
The TEntitatCom class, on a traditional form, works fine. BTW, it
descdens from a TObject.
Any ideas? What's wrong?