Databases and alias on XP?

2005-11-06 04:23:38 PM
I've just moved my D5 app from a 2k server to a XP server.
Set up the BDE alias to point to the local databases. My app
will not run unless I put all the databases under Documents and
I have never used this path before and it is nothing like what I set up in
the BDE. My app
just seems to ignore the Database Name (alias) in my TTable components.
I have not recompiled the app on the server, didn't think it was necessary.
However I then set everything up on my laptop (same XP release) and
everything works fine!
So can anyone tell me why it is different from one machine to the other?
Same drive, same XP version and patches, same everything yet on one machine
databases must be in a different, goodness knows where it gets it from,