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Re: Marco's latest Blog

2005-10-03 12:27:24 AM
Bruce McGee writes:
Anyone that is beat up for being (legitimately) constructive certainly
deserves to feel frustrated. On the other hand, anyone simply whining
or taking shots deserves to be slapped down. And I have zero sympathy
for the "people whine because they care" argument. I don't remember or
care which group your posts fall in to, but I do appreciate your
technical contributions.

So what do you say we move forward? Personally, I am feeling pretty

Well let me respectfully disagree with Dan, that probably less then 10%
of the people that complain here are trolls. 90% legitimately want to
use Delphi and are frustrated with the direction and quality that Delphi
has taken since Delphi 7.
I have been whinnying about hot fixes for 10 years. I have been
whinnying about Borland going head long into .Net just because MS told
them too. I have been whinnying about bug fixing since D7. Oh ya that
underfunded thingy.
And yes I am optimistic. Now Borland has to execute.
Thomas Miller
Wash DC Delphi SIG Chairperson
Delphi Client/Server Certified Developer
BSS Accounting & Distribution Software
BSS Enterprise Accounting FrameWork

Re: Marco's latest Blog

Thomas Miller writes:
And yes I am optimistic. Now Borland has to execute.
Completely agree.
Bruce McGee
Glooscap Software