PowerPoint Viewer automation revisited

2004-02-14 05:55:28 AM
It seems this is an age-old question, with few answers...
I'd like to control the "old" PowerPoint Viewer (PPVIEW97.EXE, not the newer
version for 2003) from my Delphi application. In particular, I would like to
have the viewer play in a OleContainer I will give it (optionally, I will let it
run in a TWebBrowser).
What I can not figure out how to do it get at the "innards" of the Viewer once
it is playing. I would like to query the number of slides, and ideally, detect
when the last slide has played, so that I don't get the {*word*193} "End of slide
show, click to return to start of presentation message". Further, I would love
to get the sucker to scale/stretch to fit the area I gave it, but I can live
without that if needed.
Does anyone have any examples of how to talk to the PowerPoint Viewer
anywhere? I need to use that because we don't want to require that everyone
buys PowerPoint to see the slide shows.