ANN: StrSecII Professional Edition US$199

StreamSec(r) has just released StrSecII Professional Edition.

StrSecII Professional includes many of the features from StrSecII
(Enterprise), such as SSL/TLS, encryption, message digest and HMAC
calculation, big number arithmetics, public key cryptography, X.509
certificates, ASN.1 and DER, etc.

The price for a StrSecII Professional single developer license is
US$199. A one year upgrade subscription is included in the price.

**** Special offer for kbmMW users:
StrSecII Enterprise US$199, one year upgrade subscription.

Goto for a schematic
comparison of the three StrSecII editions.

Goto to place your order.

Best Regards,

Henrick Hellstr?m,
Borland Technology Partner
Need security enhancements for your Delphi application? Don't settle for
anything less than StrSecII: