Date time problems (or BDE problem ???)


    I have a big problem (it's seem a big problem to me...) with an
application (made with C++Builder3 client/server suite) and a database on MS
SQL Server.

    The problem I have concern the date and time values.  My problem is that
I cannot update the values in a table if that table have an DATETIME field.
I got the message "Syntax Error Converting DATETIME from Character String".

    Here the setting I have...

    1)  The SQL Server Date Setting is for example "May 21 1998 10:00AM"
even if my regional setting is
          FRENCH and my Date format is "dd-mm-yyyy".

    2)  On my computer I was in French but I change it for English(Canadian)
and I put my date and time formats
          like the one on the server ie MMMM dd yyyy  hh:mm tt

    3)  My BDE Configuration for my alias is DATEMODE = 0 (mdy)

    4)  My BDE Configuration for Date Value are DATEMODE=0,

    Once these configuration completed, I try to Update a record who had a
DateTime value.  Example, I want to change the current date for "May 10 1998
10:00:00AM".  When I try to post the changes, I've got the error I
mentionned before.   I make a trace (with SQL Trace)  and the new date he
try to insert is "10 mai 1998 10:00:00.000AM".  I don't understand the
conversion is made.

    So, is there anyone have a solution????

    Thanks for your help!

    Mylne ( )