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View, Stored Procedure or Join in a TQuery

Hi all,

I am trying to improve performance in my Delphi 3 App running of MS
SQLServer 6.5.  I have a TQuery that currently queries 3 tables in a
standard join type situation.  Everyting works ok, but the speed could be
better I think.  Currently the first read of 88 rows (putting them in a
dbgrid) takes about 3 seconds, and all subsequent reads about 1 second.
Surely with such a small number of rows I could make it more efficient, as I
only expect the number of rows to increase over time and so the time taken
will no doubt increase.  So I tried putting the join in a stored procedure
and called that from the app without much noticeable difference.  Trying a
different approach I built the join as a view and tried selecting off that
again with very similar results.  What I really want to know is what is the
optimal approach of obtaining a read only dataset based on two or more

Thanks for any imput,



Re:View, Stored Procedure or Join in a TQuery

Define indexes, foreign keys.
Without index, the server does sequential scan for joined tables.

Robert Cerny
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