Accessing MS Word document properties


I don't know if this is the right newsgroup to post this question, but I'll
try my luck. I did see a very promising subject title on this newsgroup, "MS
Word Properties via structured Storage". Unfortunately, despite the
relatively recent date pf this thread, it is indicated as no longer
available on the server.
I have a records management application and I want to allow the user to drag
a word file from the explorer and drop it into my application, whereupon I
want the program to pre-fetch all information available from the word
document such as date, title, author etc. The drag and drop part is fine.
The snag is what to do to the word file. I want to fetch summary information
from it.
However, the users may not necessarily have word installed - all I want is
for them to be able to get the document properties from a word file. I
therefore cannot use OLE, since I will not have a running instance of word
or any way of making word run. Is there any way I can access these
As I said, that thread title sounded really promising. It's a pity it was

If this is the wrong newsgroup to post such a query, pelase advise as to
what the right one might be.

Thank you
Philippe Damerval
Development Manager