Menu RadioItems, Actions and Checked

Good day,

I've noticed a bit of oddity recently when a perfectly working Menu
RadioItem stopped working properly after I converted it from pure MenuItems
to Action-based MenuItems.

I had three MenuItems in a RadioItems group. If I changed the Checked
property of any one of them, the other two would become unchecked and the
dot that is used to show the active item would be updated appropriately.

I added in an ActionList because I wanted to duplicate the menu
functionality on a toolbar without rewriting the code. I added the three
newly created Actions to my MenuItems and suddenly, instead of a dot, an
actual checkbox appeared in its place. Now, when I check the checked status
of the MenuItems, they all seem to return false.

Are Actions supposed to work with MenuItems arranged in a RadioItem group?

Ken Rachynski
Database Analyst