DBGrid & DBCtrlGrid - vertical scrollbar disappears

Has anyone noticed that starting with D3, if a DBGrid or DBCtrlGrid is
displaying a detail table the vertical scrollbar disappears if there are
less than 2 detail records (rows) to display?

Is there a purpose for this? I think it looks very ugly, especially if one
has set the width of the grid taking into account a scrollbar.

So I have had to modify the VCL again (for D5) to fix this. Here is the fix
if anyone needs it:

procedure TDBCtrlGrid.UpdateScrollBar;
// if IsSequenced then {this is the old line}
if IsSequenced and (RecordCount > 1) then  {this is the new line}

same for TDBGrid.UpdateScrollBar;

Apparently, the code to position the scrollbutton breaksdown when
recordcount is less than 2. The fix just has it use the top/middle/bottom
positioning that unsequenced datasets use.

-Jeff Hamblin