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TFrame behaviour

Once in a while, controls placed in a TFrame disappear during design-time. Closing the frame and
opening it again brings them back.

Just now, I discovered that controls in a TFrame also disappear during run-time. Here again, closing
the concerned form and reopening it seems to bring them back.

Since I seem to have this problem now EVERY time I run my project, it is starting to get in the way.
Placing a breakpoint somewhere (actually ANYwhere) in the code that initializes some of the controls
seems to solve it -- all controls appear normally. It seems as if the TFrame updating "times out"
and merely gives up painting its controls. Placing a Refresh at the end of the controls'
initialization, however, doesn't help.

Anyone experience anything similar?



Re:TFrame behaviour

Yes, my database components had no attached data when the frame was created
and given a parent. A TDataset.Refresh helped. Not sure if that is a bug
Also, sometime non-visual components cannot be selected in design view
(although when you click one and copy it, it does paste). The wee squares
don't appear to indicate selection.
Finally, sometimes the frames have a grid and sometimes they don't. All
rather worrying as I intend to make extensive use of them.


Dr Allan Harkness

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