Edit a Byte paradox field using TEdit


I have a paradox 5 table with a field in a record defined as
name=Interval,type=Byte, size=1. Since one can store a value of 0 to 255
in tha field, I would like to be able to do so using a TDBEdit
a)  Using the above approach, I get an error :
  1. The edit field (on display f the form)shows  '(Bytes)' in the
text.   2. Changing the text to eg. 5. and posting the record, raises
a          EDatabaseError- "Cannot access field"Interval" as type Text".

b)I also need to later access and modify this field, during "non-visble"
processing. Concerned that I may encounter a similar problem.

c) I have other fields of type=byte and size > 1 and need . I guess a
solution for field byte size= 1, will also solve this.

Can anyone please assist with a solution to editing fields of type=Byte?