Los Angeles Area Delphi Contractor Sought

NDC Systems is a manufacturer of on line process monitor and control systems
and sensors, located in Irwindale, CA.

We have an existing Delphi Application which interfaces with some special
purpose sensor hardware.  We need to rewrite and make major extensions to the
user interface.

The candidate should have a degree in computer science, electrical
engineering, or other technical field, and 2 or more years experience with
Delphi.  Good user interface skills, good OO program design, and source code
documentation are a mandatory.

This project will probably take 1-2 man months, and may lead to further
prospects, especially if you also know and have experience with Java.

Due to the special hardware, it would be best if you located in the San
Gabriel Valley area, so that you could work on site here in Irwindale.

If interested, please send resume via email, (preferably plain text).  Head
hunters - don't even bother, we will not work with you.

NDC Systems is an equal opportunity employer, yada yada yada...

Thanks for your time and consideration.

        Don Erway                       derway at ndc.com
        Software Manager
        NDC Systems                     626-939-3847
        5314 N. Irwindale Ave           Fax:939-3870
        Irwindale, CA, 91706