Strange NT problems with D1 and TImage.Canvas Methods PLEASE HELP!!

Rob, as far as I remember, if you do anything that changes TImage, TImage
invalidates itself -> WM_Paint -> Rectangle -> Invalidate again and so on.
You'd better update TImage outside of your Paint handler or use something
else instead of TImage (offscreen BMP drawn in the Paint?).


>>Rob, I had a similar problem: you cause window
>>updates from within your paint handler (ImageOverlay.Refresh ?)
>>Win95 handles such situations better than NT.


>>Rob Wilson wrote:

>Actually, it seems to be the Rectangle or any drawing operation on the
>Canvas that seems to cause the problem.  The ImageOverlay.Refresh
>didn't seem to cause the problem.

>If I Rem'd out the Rectange (or fill rect which it originally was),
>the routine doesn't keep drawing the window.

>Any ideas?

>Thanks for your reply...  What was your work-around!?